Since 1960 Oltremare has been specialized in the design, fabrication, installation and commissioning of turnkey plants and machinery for the cashew nut processing industry. To this activity it has added over the years a range of machinery for the processing of food and commodities such as rice, wheat, coffee, pulses, dried fruit, spices, aromatic herbs and leafy products.


Today Oltremare has brought the cashew processing into the next generation of solutions that, through a 360° integrated approach, allows to combine previously separated processiung operations, further increasing efficiency, productivity of labour and finished product sanitation levels, reducing space requirement, power consumption ad environmental impact. Such an approach includes the value addition for all the by-products of the RCN such as the CNSL up to Cardanol and its derivatives, and the shells' cake up to the production of electric and thermal power. 

Recent need of the cashew and the nut industry in general is the implementation of the food safety concept so to guarantee a finished product free of foreign matters, insects (including eggs and larvae) and microbiologically compatible with the even more stringent international rules on the matters.

Oltremare offers, again, an integrated approach with an automatic cleaning, x-ray sorting, filling and packing line that will guarantee a product fully compatible with the most stringent international standards on quality and food safety.
In addition, in order to meet the customer's specific processing requirements, Oltremare proposes a customized approach whose main peculiarities are the analysis of the product to be processed in its laboratory, the involvement of the customer in the most suitable choice and, based on the product characteristics, trials to simulate the industrial processing conditions that normally give indications about the productivity and the efficiency of the proposed solutions.












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